Park Hyo Shin(박효신)-Wild Flower (Live) *Reaction/Review*

Park Hyo Shin(박효신)-Wild Flower (Live) *Reaction/Review*

태그 : 박효신
영상 시간 : 8:39
평점 : 4.77

좋아요 : 124 , 안좋아요 : 6


업데이트 날짜 : 2017-04-01 18:25:33


  1. Yo. I don't know how much training you have, but you do seem very knowledgeable regarding vocal technique. I'm a musician myself (piano composition and 7 years of singing tenor [with training] in multiple choirs) and so I respect that you give a deeper insight concerning technique and the like. That's why I've subscribed to your channel. All this to say: if you don't react to Kim Jinho – Family Portrait, I will be rilly rilly super duper uber sad.

  2. Please react to park hyo shin's "home". I loooove your comment, very insightful!

  3. Dimash – Confenssa

  4. Wow thank you so much for this!! I've been hoping someone would finally do a reaction to this, from a technique standpoint. I can't get over how amazing this song is. I was wondering if you could check out Nell – The Day Before ( , has eng sub). Another song I keep hoping someone will analyze. Thank you __

  5. I love your reactions. ^_^ Park Hyo Shin is a very good singer.
    Please take a look of these two performances of Minsoo & Youngjae "fate" & "please"
    Both are very good singers & they transmit a lot when they're singing.

  6. I'm not a musician nor ever study music b4, I just go with the feel of how a singer/artist can tranlates in his/her singing. You're so right abt PHS's singing is more superior than those who did this cover. You should react to more of his performances, esp. Wonderland and Yearning and you'll see how amazing his voice ranges in these 2 songs. Hope to see you soon with more PHS reactions. Cheers!

  7. My god I've never seen worse translation.. Nice reaction tho! Props to you

  8. love your reaction sir. can you please react to this particular video

  9. Hey, it would be great if you could react to some other artists (not kpop only) I recommend listening to Dorota Osińska from The Voice of Poland, she has amazing vocals I think you'd like it.
    Here are some links:
    You could also make a series of reaction to different artists from around the world. I am looking forward to watching such videos. 🙂
    I really enjoy your content! Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

  10. June 2010 his best friend Park Yong Ha/singer, actor committed suicide without note. His friend was 32 years old. I PHS was 28. I think this song remind him. Please watch his live peformance

  11. (stone of zion)
    i really recommend naul – stone of zion live. can i request to this reaction plz?
    thx 😀

  12. 노래를 안들을거면 리액션 영상을 찍질말던가…

  13. it's been a long time. that i dont even remember what i want you to react LOL

    mc the max – no matter where live ver

    please react this song !

  15. Finally I see this reaction. As you heard his singing ability is great but you seem to haven't felt his raw emotions. This isn't a song about parting with a lover but a song about his life which has suffered many hardship.(wild flower = park hyo shin) I think that when a singer sings his(her) own story, people can feel more his(her) emotions

  16. can you please react to Sohyang's dream?

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