REACTION TO – 박효신 (Park Hyo Shin) – 동경 (Yearning) (150215)

REACTION TO – 박효신 (Park Hyo Shin) – 동경 (Yearning) (150215)

태그 : 박효신
영상 시간 : 12:4
평점 : 4.95

좋아요 : 369 , 안좋아요 : 4

출처 : Anna Kei

I decided to do this reaction in a separate video. Other reaction videos will be uploaded later in a few days. Hope you will enjoy it!;) Video Link: …

업데이트 날짜 : 2016-07-01 00:10:28
I decided to do this reaction in a separate video. Other reaction videos will be uploaded later in a few days. Hope you will enjoy it!;) Video Link: …


  1. 여자진짜 이쁘다


    can you check these out plz?? the first one's called "I Just Want to Sing" and the other one's "Goodbye for a Moment" and are both by M.C. the Max. thx 🙂

  3. 들어주셔서 감사합니다
    국가대표 박효신이엿습니다

  4. nice reaction thank you for your kindness ^^
    if you don't mind, can i request to brown eyed soul – 'promise you'(live)
    and naul- '같은 시간 속의 너' (you from the same time) mv & live reaction plz?
    you'll love those ^^

    address here
    promise you live ( /watch?v=P7PT5yTNvqE )
    같은 시간 속의 너' <you from the same time> mv ( /watch?v=Q_YdBd05FJs )
    같은 시간 속의 너' <you from the same time> live ( /watch?v=aBxsREZinYA )

    and if you wanna understand to lyrics , address here < eng sub>
    have enjoy those ~

    promise you eng sub ( /watch?v=nl_EHE–LT8 )
    같은 시간 속의 너' <you from the same time> eng sub ( /watch?v=XAacVlMfdR8 )

    thank you have a nice day ^^

  5. yearning..that's exactly wht im saying to you 😘

  6. It really moves … Well ReactionThis song is originated from Singer Kim Dong Ryul. I recommend you hear 기억의 습작.

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  8. 난 자막없는 노래를 그감정을 그대로 들어서 느낄수 있는게 되게 행복한 사람같다

  9. Korean singer vibe "please come back again" very nice!!!

  10. there is old dong kyung video which can hear his original voice i like this original voice thats why his voice was deeper. i recommand it

  11. kick myass 킥마애스

    타고난 것도 좋은데 머리도 좋은친구…..분명히 더 성장한다……….무섭다……

  12. 이 노래 후반부 반주가 노래스타일과 별로 맞질 않네요…잔잔하며 웅장하며 가사전달이 잘되는 반주였다면..더 좋았을듯…

  13. 그래 이렇게 자막이있어야 전달이 훨씬 잘되지

  14. -> Park Hyo Shin 박효신_Beautiful Tomorrow_Official Music Video => good luck! ^^

  15. hello~~
    please watch this:
    this is new song of Park Hyoshin^^

  16. 가사따윈 몰라도 마음으로 전달되는 우리 효신님 클라스

  17. park hyo shin new album first open soundtrack "breath"

  18. This song hits deep. Great reaction.

  19. 👍👍👍

  20. 20150214 yearning live is better than 2015 yearning live because he was spending lots of energy in 20150214

  21. hello…&&  very good video…

  22. lovely reaction^^

  23. 대한민국에서 아니 전세계에서 한분있을? 항상 자기노래발전에 시간을 투자하는 가수입니다. 창법도 세 네번 바꼈습니다. 년도별로 들어보시면 아실겁니다.
    바른사나이 가수박효신

  24. Did you see Wild Flower's eng sub version? →

  25. 하상준 서초구양재동95년생

    where are you from? you have a unique accent 🙂

  26. Nice to see your natural reaction….

  27. this is "real" korea singers

    kpop idol …… They are not real singers in Korea
    Their songs have no message to deliver to the listener

  28. Check These out , If you like Top notch vocals & Music.
    I Can See Your Voice 3 ( Episode 1. JYP)__________________________________________________________________________________
    I Can See Your Voice 3 깊은 울림. 압구정 허도사(ApGooJung Huh Dosa, ′그대는 어디에′ – Where are you, my dear?160701 EP.1
    I Can See Your Voice 3 (화제)UCC Avengers(어벤져스) MIO ′그녀는 예뻤다(She was Pretty! +Tell Me′ 160701 EP.1
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    [King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – New King(Roy Kim)‘Romantic The Dark Knight’ 3round
    – "Please"(Original Score by Deul-Guk-Hwa: Wild Mum) 20160703
    Lena Park((박정현: Jung-Hyun)‘갓정현’의 반칙 ‘랩’까지 가미한 소름 무대 Fiction(Original Score by "Beast"
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  29. you are good very cute !!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. can u please react to park hyo shin afterlove live

  31. Hello Anna, have you done a reaction video to Kim Jin-ho and his live performance "Family Pictures" yet ? It is very powerful and emotional. Here is a direct link:

  32. It seems like you're being swirled into his vocals. Well, that's how PHS can affect those who are listening to him. I'd always imagine how it would be like to be at his concert…. I guess you know the answer already! Grreat job and see you again with another PHS'S reaction.

  33. Enjoyed your reaction, looking forward to your next one.

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